We all know that animals are cool. While we don’t get to see them on a daily basis, we’ve seen them in zoos and in pictures, so we pretty much get the gist of it. But how much do we really know about our favorite wildlife creatures? Here are some times animals were caught looking totally out of the ordinary, and it made people’s day.


A three-banded Armadillo rolled up.


Please tell us that thing is a new kind of Pokemon because it doesn’t look like any animal we’ve seen at the zoo. But apparently, we have seen this animal before, just in a totally different way. Yup, this is just a regular old armadillo, a rough and bumpy mammal that is apparently way more flexible than we realized.


Blue whale compared to a 75-foot boat.



Our universe is truly incredible. Exploring the wonders of nature proves this. From the sun and moon to the craziest creatures on our planet, we are truly blessed to see some magnificent things. This photo showing the incredible size of a blue whale was taken off the coast of Newport Beach, California.


Just a big, fat, colorful caterpillar.



Just a giant caterpillar that this person found chilling out in the grass, acting all casual. Nothing to see here. Actually, there is absolutely nothing normal or casual about this situation, which would probably have most of us running back inside the house. Honestly, this thing is pretty cute, but we probably wouldn’t pick it up anytime soon.


Just some black bears eating apples in the woods.



We’re not sure why we’re so surprised by this scene, but something about it is just so hard to process. Black bears are omnivores, so they eat both plants and meat. But for some reason, we expect them to be chomping into some salmon from the local river, and not casually eating apples as an afternoon snack. So yea, nothing about this image is casual.